is the key to church growth!

Five Simple Steps to

REFOCUS & GROW Your Church!


We invite systematic input from everyone in your church by using our online assessment. The result is clear identification and prioritization of your church's root issues and growth opportunities. The process builds trust and unity among stakeholders.


We involve a wide range of people in the problem-solving process because we value all parts of the body of Christ. It's called "Rounding The Bases". This rectifies any issue through multiple perspectives, creative solutions, broad alignment and staff buy-in.


Satan's #1 goal is division in God's church. Our process ensures church-wide input and collaboration to solve problems. When people feel heard, valued and engaged, there is unity. Relational health is the key to building this unity that sets the stage for growth. 


The deep work done up to this point allows us to create a simple plan addressing your church's top ten concerns. We help you stay focused on the majors and not get distracted with the minors.


Every church leader wants growth. Many leaders simply don't know how to get there. Our proven focuses to build stronger relations within the church body produces growth in discipleship, engagement and attendance. We guarantee our results.



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Here are the topics in your 14-Day Crash Course.

  • Getting Started and Implementation
  • Bottom-Up, Top-Down Approach
  • Value the Silent & Neutralize the Dominant
  • Create Buy-In to Develop Unity
  • Focus Groups to Get to the Root
  • Identify Threats that are Harmful
  • Prioritize Hight Impact Threats
  • Solve Threats with a Road Map
  • Respond with Strategy and Timelines
  • Relational Leaders vs. Poor Leaders
  • Retain Good Performers
  • Develop Average Performers
  • Remove Non-Performers
  • Execute to Produce Favorable Outcomes


  • How to connect with those you lead
  • How to get to core issues quickly
  • How to solve issues properly
  • How to motivate your staff
  • How to increase discipleship
  • How to retain good performers, improve average performers and remove non-performers
  • How to keep the morale positive
  • How to unleash the power of relationships from the top down to grow your church

Matt Loehr President of Dare to be Different, Inc.

As an author, mentor, and founder of Dare to be Different, Matt has led the organization to an international level using his relational enhancement method and has trained more than 20,000 people.

Matt's experience in the corporate world for nearly 20 years and his experience training and preaching in more than 600 churches for 15 years has given him a great platform to help churches grow.

His strategy for vision casting and problem-solving has not only proven to be successful but is guaranteed.

What People are Saying

"For the first time, I felt like I had someone in my corner as a lead pastor, coaching me how to improve relations with my staff, elders, and congregation.

This process transformed many areas of our church staff, management style, preaching style, and relationship building style. I would highly recommend every church to go through this process."

"The work that Matt Loehr did with our staff and elders at Bettendorf Christian Church was exceptional.  In my 32 years of combined leadership experience in the military and business sectors, I have found that communication and relationship are key to organizational success. Matt quickly assessed our church organization and identified several communication gaps amongst the staff.  He was then able to assist in navigating through corrective actions related to these gaps and put us on a solid path to sustainment. Matt has an effective method that takes your organization through a 5-step process of getting to the root issues. During this process, many things came to light in our organization that needed to be addressed." 

Tom Aubrey, Senior Pastor

Matt Kristof, Senior Elder

"Let's join together to create stronger bonds in your church and combat Satan's divisive tactics. It's then we will see amazing growth."

- Matt Loehr