SCOR Overview

Do your Leaders struggle with communication? Are they too direct or not direct enough? Do they cultivate an environment where everyone feels valued?

Does your Support Staff have a "team approach" mentality to help foster a camaraderie among employees that boosts both performance and morale?

Could your Associate Pastor's preaching skills be enhanced to insure their message is delivered with clarity, power and impact?

Whether your church needs a tune-up or a make-over, WE CAN HELP!

SCOR Communication Training

Yields exceptional leaders, employee satisfaction and guarantees a preaching style with lasting I.M.P.A.C.T.


SCOR Leadership Training

  • How to lead your team with respect.
  • How to improve communication.
  • How to identify and resolve core issues.
  • How to solve issues effectively.
  • How to motivate your team.
  • How to retain good performers, improve average performers and remove non-performers.
  • TIMELINE: 4 Hours


SCOR Employee Training

  • How to connect with your leader.
  • How to improve communication.
  • How to identify and solve problems on your own.
  • Top three things a team-player needs to thrive.
  • How to advance your career.
  • How to negotiate with your leader with respect.
  • TIMELINE: 4 Hours


Preaching Training

  • How to structure your message with clarity.
  • How to deliver your message with passion.
  • How to prepare a message to engage your audience.
  • Identify and remove distracting behaviors.
  • Understand when to use humor and stories.
  • Be yourself, but deliver with a strategy.
  • TIMELINE: 8 Hours


"The work that Matt Loehr did with our staff and elders at our church was exceptional.  In my 32 years of combined leadership experience in the military and business sectors, I have found that communication and relationships are key to organizational success. Matt quickly assessed our church organization and identified several communication gaps amongst the staff.  He was then able to assist in navigating through corrective actions related to these gaps and put us on a solid path to sustainment. Matt has an effective method that takes your organization through a 5-step process of getting to root issues. During this process, many things came to light in our organization that needed to be addressed." 

Matt Kristof (Senior Elder)

"For the first time, I felt like I had someone in my corner as a lead pastor, coaching me how to improve relations with my staff, elders, and congregation.

This process transformed many areas of our church; staff, management style, preaching style, and relationship building style. I would highly recommend every church to go through this process."

Pastor Tom Aubrey First Evangelical Free

"Our church was facing a great decline and we didn't know why. We hired Matt to evaluate the cause and help us redesign our future. He showed everyone great respect and was very cautious. The online assessment revealed information and patterns that really surprised us.

The SCOR process helped us include the opinions and ideas from various groups of valued people. In the end, we created ten new objectives and have seen a tremendous change in our staff, our leaders and the growth of our church. I highly recommend hiring Matt as his process is proven effective."

Bruce Bloome (Elder)

Don't miss this opportunity to GROW your church, create a healthier environment and PROSPER!